ADC data plot

Is it possible to plot analog data output onto the real time video? Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, you just need to read the ADC and then do set_pixel(). You can plot the data like an oscope.

Just do img.clear() to blank the screen buffer.

Thank you. On a different topic. The openmv IDE is awesome. I am working with pyboard for another project. I was wondering if I could use openmv IDE for programming pyboard?

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Yep, you can.

Go to tools->Open Terminal.

The you can send the script to the pyboard after connecting to it via the buttons on the top bar of the terminal.

I spent a lot of hours and days to find a good IDE for programming the pyboard. So far Openmv IDE is the best. I think it is a good idea to pivot the openmv IDE to directly work with pyboard.


We posted that we had this feature years ago… Folks didn’t really pick it up.

Write a blog post about the IDE and post to hackster.