sending data to serial terminal of host PC

In OpenMV IDE there is a serial terminal for debugging the code of pyboard. Can the IDE settings be modified, such that this debug data is directly available at serial terminal of host PC?

Um, see the Tools → Open Terminal feature. This provides the standard MicroPython Repl experience.

I have seen the video on youtube describing the use of open terminal but I am not sure it will be useful for my project.
I am trying to do the following. I am acquiring an image with OpenMV cam. fining the blob and getting the centroid of that blob. Now I want to do curve fitting on the line profiles along the centroid. I am not sure how to add curve fitting functionality in OpenMV PYB. So I am thinking of trying to do any of the following methods, please suggest the best one.
1-Run a script in OpenMV that detects blob. After getting the cetroid of the bolb, send the pixel intensity to host Rpi using open terminal (or some other method). Read these values in Rpi and do curve fitting.
2- use openmv/ at master · openmv/openmv · GitHub and execute a complete python script in host Rpi to detect blob and do curve fitting.

Um, when you say curve fitting is this a linear regression… the camera has this feature. Or multiple points? Anyway, you can just send the blob detects to the Pi using the script you linked to.