a little but very annoying problem with DCMI in OV7725

Hello everyone, I have a little but very annoying problem.
Please help me with common advice about how I can better solve this problem.

I used OpenMV3 but without OpenMV software, only hardware. I can read and write I2C register, but when I start to read data by protocol DCMI (GRB565) i receive every time only this value - “537213536”

At first, I want only to receive images from the camera. Maybe you can give recommendations for register setting and for code. I used HAL library and the next code

uint32_t AddressFrameBuffer[0x25800]; // i am not sure about this valueб is it amount of pixels?
uint32_t DataSizeImageSensor = 0x25800; // (uint32_t)((IMG_ROWS * IMG_COLUMNS * 2) / 4))

HAL_DCMI_Start_DMA(&hdcmi, DCMI_MODE_SNAPSHOT, (uint32_t)AddressFrameBuffer, DataSizeImageSensor);

You can’t access us why your code is wrong if you aren’t using all the software we wrote. Getting cameras working requires a lot of software setup. Please just edit our code and start from a known working solution and remove things you don’t want.

Sorry, I confused a little bit, can you send me the link in GitHub, which appropriates my situation? OpenMV3

and where I can to find the information about register settings for OV7725?

See the openmv github. The OpenMV repo contains all our code. You can find everything you need to know there.