BIg Problem with SCCB(I2C) in OV7725 in OpenMV3

Hello, everybody, sorry, but really, I spent already 1 week to try read register in OpenMV3. I used the next address - 0x43 (in fact I try used all addresses from 0 -127). I used different speed modes for SCCB (from 1Khz to 400 kHz).
You can see in the attached photo (address for reading - 0x43, register for reading - 0x01). Really, sorry, I spent one week, I try used dozens variation, but the result was the same and don’t know already what I can do yet. I want to read address without OpenMV software, i use only OpenMV3 hardware.
ACK -HIGH, always
for reading and for transit

Maybe who knows can some advice for me

Hi, just take our working driver code and use it.

I can’t tell why ACK is always high. Maybe the camera is being held in reset.

Thank you!!!. You right, the problem was with reset