www.openmv.io site doesn't open.

I need to download OpenMV IDE but it’s one day that www.openmv.io is not accessible. What happens ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, the website is definitely online. Where are you connecting from?

I’m connecting from Italy. I’m trying quite now without success: site not available.

I can open the site through TorBrowser. In Italy site is not available with Chrome or Firefox. Don’t know why. Thanks for your reply.

Yeah, I had another customer complain about this. I did a test using a test ping system and it worked all over the world.

I’ll ping Shopify about this. It’s weird you can access the forum/docs. They are under the same domain.

Hi Kwabena, I confirm what say wikicand . I wrote you a mail days ago.
Have a nice day. Roberto. :slight_smile: