Witch raspbery pi to use with openmv H7

hi everyone i have a project to do but i’m new to this can someone help me i don’t know whitch raspberry to use with the openmv H7 and how can i connect theme and how can i programme it to do facial recognition? its my project to have my Bachelor’s degree please some help . thank you

Hi, we don’t offer facial recognition. This is generally very hard to do as it requires you to learn faces which we don’t have support in our software for.

if you use a raspberry you dont need this cam. you can install opencv and a simple raspbery camera.
I thing they have facial recognition.

This camera dont need a raspberry to work! And this is why i love it!

the problem is that i am obliged to use this camera with a raspberry
but i dont have a clear idea about it neither the raspberry can you give me more infos?

Yeah, there’s not much point in using both together.

hi everybody
i want to connect openmv camera with rasperry but the editor doesn’t work can someone tell me witch one to use? thanks

Hi, the IDE doesn’t run on the Pi anymore due to the library it uses being old. I am working on IDE updates at the moment. Please expect this to be fixed by July.

hey i runed the example of face_recognition but there is an error : img = image.Image(“orl_faces/%s/1.pgm”%(SUB)).mask_ellipse()
could not find the path

Hi, that’s an old example I guess. It depends on some data on the disk. Please ignore it.

can you give me one that workes for facial recognition ? i really need it for my final studies project

Hi, we don’t support facial recognition normally. Just facial detection.

how can i make facial detection

We have two examples for this.

See the machine learning examples. You can just the FOMO face detection algorithm or the HAAR cascade.