Face recognition Project

Hi Team,

I need to store some faces & by OpenMV I need to start recognizing faces, if any face detects & is in database then it should come up with his complete details or any details stored.

So can you help me out for this


Ibrahim actually worked on this for a while. I don’t know how well it went. I’ll let him answer.

See Examples->07-Face Detection->face_recognition.py

It’s an implementation of the paper mentioned in the comments of the script. I don’t think it works well in real life conditions.

I have already used that examples of face detection/recognition but that example is not so much powerful .

Thanks for help

Are you still doing facial recognition and if so how have you gone so far - if you like i can maybe help you out with what you are doing - if you are just searching one person at a time in a database its pretty easy actually these days…

I don’t think the level of key points we build up is good enough for this really. That said, it’s easier to just connect to the internet and send the image to Microsoft or Google to do race recognition and then get a result back over WiFi.