WiFi Shield Socket - No Bytes Read

I am attempting to run the TCP Client sample that comes with the OpenMV IDE. I am able to successfully connect to my wifi network, but the socket returns 0 bytes on read. I have tested this with a few wifi networks. I have OpenMV V3 and ATWINC1500-MR210PB with the latest firmware.

Here is the code:
tcp_client_1.py (812 Bytes)

Hi, I’ve asked Ibrahim to take a look at this.

Hi, there was a bug in the recently updated sockets layer. I’m attaching a patched fw image if you want to use it now.
Note re that example script, the buffer size passed to recv should be large enough to hold the received data (otherwise it gets overwritten).
firmware.zip (1.07 MB)

The updated firmware worked. Thank you for your help!