TCP socket fails to transmit data

OpenMV H7 reports having sent data over a TCP socket, but it is not received by the client.

When running the example, at some point a call to client.send() returns 0. Subsequent calls will eventually return a natural number, but data is not received on the client side.

It behaves this way consistently. What’s the recommended way for handling this? Thanks for your help!

OpenMV Code:
Socket Client (netcat): nc -v $OpenMV_Port $OpenMV_IP

WIFI Shield: ATWINC1500 MR210PB
Firmware Version: 19.6.1
(19, 6, 1, 19, 3, 0, 1377184)

I’ll test this and get back to you.

I can’t reproduce this issue, it seems to be working as expected. I noticed in your nc command you have port and ip swapped. Should be something like this:

nc -v 8080