Where is the trained.tflite file located?

Newbie question.
I ran several openmv example sketches on the OpenMV IDE and everything worked well. (I’m using an Arduino Nicla Vision board.)

Then I created my own classification model with Google’s Teachable Machine, downloaded the .tflite file, copied it, the labels.txt and the sketch.py to the arduino’s hard drive (via Finder in Mac). I ran into memory issues with the sketch but it loaded OK.

Now I want to return and run some of the examples but the face recognition sketch, for example, want’s to load “trained.tflite.” I’ve searched my hard drive and cannot find it.

Where is that file and other training files that I might need for the examples?


The face finder is a haar cascade. See the face detection example. We don’t have face recognition.

There is in fact a face recognition example. (See attached.) And I’m asking where to find the .tflite file that it tries to load. Thanks.

Ah! Yeah, you need to run the face collection example first, then upload the faces you collected to edge impulse, then train a face network that classifies your face versus someone else’s and then use that network with the script.

In general, note that we don’t keep around custom CNNs anymore. With Edge Impulse there’s no point. Pretty much anything anyone wants to do is full custom.

OK, understood. Thanks for the info!