What script runs when you power on the board?

I’ve just received my board, which works fine with Windows XP (though so far I can’t get it working with OSX).

I have a very simple (probably stupid) question. When the board is powered on (e.g. by plugging it into a USB socket on a computer), what script automagically runs? Is it main.py? That seems likely since that produces the blue heartbeat led flashing. If so, I presume rewriting main.py would allow other things to happen on a power-on.

Yep! Main.py is the script that runs on power on.

Oh, so we have a Mac Ide now. Please email me at the OpenMV email and I’ll send you a link.

The new OpenMV IDE preview is now available for Windows/Mac/Linux now.

Windows: http://openmv.io/upload/openmv-ide-windows-1.0.0/openmv-ide-windows-1.0.0.exe

Mac: http://openmv.io/upload/openmv-ide-mac-1.0.0/openmv-ide-mac-1.0.0.dmg

Linux-32-bit: http://openmv.io/upload/openmv-ide-linux-x86-1.0.0/openmv-ide-linux-x86-1.0.0.run (built using Ubuntu 12.04)

Linux-64-bit: http://openmv.io/upload/openmv-ide-linux-x86_64-1.0.0/openmv-ide-linux-x86_64-1.0.0.run (built using Ubuntu 12.04)

Not sure if this is a problem or not, but I get the following errors printed everytime I launch the IDE (linux 64-bit running under ubuntu 16.04):

QSqlDatabase: QSQLITE driver not loaded
QSqlDatabase: available drivers: 
Warning: Failed to open settings database at "/home/dhylands/.config/OpenMV/OpenMVIDE.db" ("Driver not loaded")
QSqlDatabase: QSQLITE driver not loaded
QSqlDatabase: available drivers: 
QSqlDatabase: QSQLITE driver not loaded
QSqlDatabase: available drivers:

Guess your Linux system doesn’t have the SQL light driver. I’m not using that part of QtCreator right now. I will comment out that code. All settings are stored in an ini file right now. The SQL code is for a secondary database that stores more settings.

Those links will be posted in a KickStarter updates soon. Once Michael checks his email…

Yes, if you save any script as main.py it will run on power-up.