Video conversion


Does anyone have a recommendation for a conversion compatible with MAC that can convert all of the .bin files to mp4 in a folder? It can be very time consuming to do this individually and I’m hoping this will make things more efficient.


Just the IDE supports doing this. How many bin files did you make?


Thanks for your quick reply! I have 180 bin files. Any suggestions other than doing them individually?

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You’ll have to do them one-by-one. But, please put a bug on OpenMV IDE to add a feature to support multiple file conversions.

Hi. Did you eventually create or obtain a tool to batch convert?

Hi, yeah, I’m going to add this to a new IDE release which is coming soon.

@Dogtor @Joe100A What OS are you using? I can just upload a link here and have this done this week.

Windows. Cheers

OS Monterey Version 12.5

Thanks so much!

Just use the same video conversion action but now select multiple files and it will convert all of them one after another.

I’ll have Mac coming in a bit. Apple changed some things causing the build to break.