VBUS doesn't seem to be available

I was expecting to be able to get access to VBUS on the VCC pin (the one next to P7).

Looking ta the schematic, I see a double diode used (D1) which is what is preventing this. On the pyboad, a single diode is used between VBUS and VIN which allows VIN/VCC to be used either as an input or an output.

I’ll just run a wire and short out the diode so I can get access to VBUS.

The diode is there to protect you from breaking the USB. However, 3.3V can be an input or output as long as VBUS and VIN aren’t connected.

I understand the diode going from VBUS to VIN. It was the second diode going from RAW to VIN that I was referring to.

I wanted to breakout VBUS too to make a charger shield, but with a single diode you assume that no one will try to connect both VIN and VBUS at the same time, it won’t damage the port but it will damage the camera.

Well, at least with a single diode you have the option of adding an external diode.

Anyways, I just soldered a wire to bypass the second diode so that I can power 5v peripherals while using USB power. This is mostly just a convenience of not having to create a USB breakout board in order to test stuff.

I’m not quite sure how you’d damage the camera (ok - I can see that you’d have reverse polarity protection).