Accessing/translating to lower level C/C++ code


So after we have programmed a new project and verified the functionality of the camera in micropython in the openMV IDE, Is there any way that we can access the lower level C/C++ code for further optimisation/tunability?



Yes, the project is open-source:


I have another enquiry that is not related to this topic.

I would like to power the openMV module via external power from a battery source (3.6V) if possible.
Looking at the schematic there are 2 diodes at D1 for reverse polarity protection. Is there a way to bypass the USB power line VBUS in order to use an external power source into Vin?

I’m assuming de-soldering diode between VBUS and Vin would enable that. But that would mean disabling the programming functionality of the module. Is there any other way that we can do this?



Those are ORing diodes. There’s no need to desolder anything, just connect the battery to VIN on the right header.

Link to instructions for installing firmware development environment:

I got this link off the Kickstarter campaign but it could do with being somewhere more accessible.

Would it be useful to have a link to this page either under the documentation section of the OpenMV site or somewhere in the documentation -
maybe here: