Using cameras on vehicle for land departure and look ahead

you know what’s interesting, that we don’t have cameras for side mirrors on our cars. I know that there are likely good reasons but I thought the following would be an interesting project.
What if one of these was placed at either side of the car near the front of the car, pointing out sideways. This would help navigate city streets simply by letting you peak out into traffic without sticking your nose oug so far. Even without video processing, just little screens in the car would help me much. But what if I also began processing the data to alert me if a moving object took up more than 30 percent of the frame when I had my turn signal on; what if it could tell me if it looks like I may have departed film my white dashed lane. What if I had an additional thermal camera to identity heat at night I’m country drive mode so u can identify deer on the side of the road? What if the cameras were placed on your mirrors pointing backwards? In addition to giving a wide field of view, it could identify vandalism, door dings, etc while parked. Facial recognition could be used to unlock doors (maybe not practical unless camera is higher). Maybe if the algorithm was really advanced, it could notify you of approaching bicycles on the right side of the car.

Any other ideas for vehicle applications? A lot of what I mentioned like lane departure or deer identification is already available in high end cars. The ones on the front sides of the car are not however. Thinkimg about the possibilities is exciting

My car doesn’t have cameras but it does have some sideways looking radar/sonar on the rear, and I get a beeping if it detects a vehicle coming when I’m backing out of a parking space.

Just ran across this forum this week. Although these postings are from 2015, I would bet others might be interested in the discussion, so here goes:

Question: how would you use video in your car?

A commercial solution from Honda, the so called “Lane Watch” feature:

This is a camera mounted on the passenger-side mirror that gets activated when the driver uses the right turn signal.

IMHO a clever UI trick (to tie to the right turn signal).

Anyone tried to do this yet? I just bought a new Prius (2016) and I’m itching to add interesting video apps to the

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