Use Wifi shield to run and alter scripts

We would like to setup the H7+ via a smartphone app to check the live view, load and test scripts, and maybe also check images.
We can already access the live stream using the example script, but for a true two-way communication with the board, I am wondering how to achieve that more specifically.

  • I understood that the WiFi shield offers TCP/UDP sockets and that unetwork supports a range of things
  • from this thread: Using the WiFi shield - #3 by iabdalkader I read that it is possible to send and execute scripts.
  • From this thread: Wifi Shield - #5 by askerker I read that “remote programming” may not have been implemented yet, but on the Wifi shield page, “wireless programming” is mentioned

So I am wondering:

  • in theory, is it possible to achieve the aim stated in the beginning with the current hardware?
  • in practice, with a smartphone what else can be achieved, apart from live streaming?

It is implemented and was updated recently to be much more stable, you just need to enable and configure it from Tools-> Configure OpenMV cam settings file.

Yes it’s possible, however you need to write the client software on the smartphone yourself, we don’t have any mobile apps.

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