Use OpenMV with D1 Mini shields


I just wanted to drop a quick note that I made this very simple PCB adapter for using shields for the D1 Mini boards with the OpenMV boards:

It’s really simple, just remapping the pins and adapting to the different size of the shield. I left the TX and RX pins unconnected, because OpenMV doesn’t have that many pins, and I don’t know of any shields that would use those (normally you need them for programming and USB serial on the D1 Mini). I also used staggered holes, so if you use male pin headers, you don’t even need to solder — you can plug the headers straight into the holes, and they will hold them. I hope that this will prove useful to someone.

OSHPark link: OSH Park ~

Gerbers: (90.5 KB)

Send a PR to the boards repo: GitHub - openmv/openmv-boards: OpenMV boards, schematics, and layout

Good idea, done.