UART between OpenMV and Arduino Uno

In the OpenMV IDE, under Files-> Examples->OpenMV->Arduino->, I see the below

# Basic UART communications between OpenMV and Arduino Uno.

# 1) Wire up your OpenMV Cam to your Arduino Uno like this:
# OpenMV Cam Ground Pin   ----> Arduino Ground
# OpenMV Cam UART3_TX(P4) ----> Arduino Uno UART_RX(0)
# OpenMV Cam UART3_RX(P5) ----> Arduino Uno UART_TX(1)

# 2) Uncomment and upload the following sketch to Arduino:

My Arduino is powered 5V and I plan to power my OpenMV with 3.7V Lipo

Can I directly connect the pins as specified in the comments or do I need to level shift?

Any feedback on this question?

You don’t need to level shift. Please read the documentation and notice that all I/O pins are 5V tolerant.

Thanks @kwagyeman - Are the pins 5V tolerant even when the OpenMV Cam is powered by 3.7V LiPo battery? I am concerned not to damage the expensive OpenMV Cam

Yes, the camera is at 3.3V normally.

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Thanks @kwagyeman