Hi. I am having difficulties using UART and TV shield together.
I defined UART with option 3 in order to avoid conflict in the bus.
The UART receives data from an external device and works well until I start sending images to the TV shield. The received data losses integrity and some data packets get lost, like there is a bus conflict or I don’t know what.
Could you please help me?

Hi, the SPI bus driver for the TV shield will disable interrupts when it sends images and the UART pyb module handles each byte being recieved in an interrupt.

This behavior is expected given how the pyb module was designed by MicroPython folks.

Can you adjust the device sending commands to not send data unless the camera is ready to receive it?

Also, the lastest firmware should fix this. I switched the way the SPI bus driver works for the latest firmware that will come out soon to use SPI with DMA where interrupts are left enabled so you can receive serial bytes at the same time.

I plan to push the latest firmware to the IDE this weekend but it’s online on GitHub right now.

Hi kwagyeman. Thanks for your quick and effective reply.
The external device works unidirectional so I am very pleased to know that I’ll be able to use both serial and TV at the same time so my problem will be solved.
When the new firmware is available, how do I upload it to the board?
Thanks. Great job!

Download the above and install the OPENMV4/firmware.bin of you are using an H7 using the Run Bootloader command under Tools in OpenMV IDE.

Thank you

Hi kwagyeman
Firmware updated and everything running smoothly.
Thank you

Great to hear.