turret movement by face detection

I have the idea to control the turrets from my scale model warship by servo’s controlled by the input of face detection.
So I went to find out how to get the x,y coordinates from the detected face. (by the face detection example supplied by openmv)

I thought I could do this by simply asking for index 0 and 1 from the ‘objects’ list. → print(objects[0]) or print(objects[1]) (print for my visualisation)
But the error appears that the list index is out of range, what shouldn’t be possible because the list has four elements when I print(objects) → [(116, 65, 82, 82)]
‘objects’ is defined by: objects = img.find_features(face_cascade, threshold=0.75, scale_factor=1.25)

I have no experience with python, and very little with machine vision c++, so maybe someone can help me?

Hi, it’s a list of tuples.

The tuple has 4 values and there’s 1 tuple in the list.


if objects:

Okay! Thanks a lot!