TT spi 240x320 pins on portenta breakout

hello everyone, i am using 2.8" TFT spi 30411 to display my image frame on the LCD using portenta breakout, but i am getting senor control failed error : ValueError: Pin(P3) doesn’t exist
OpenMV v4.4.2; MicroPython v1.19-omv-r6; PORTENTA-STM32H747
while using this code
anyone can tell me which pins i have to use to connect my LCD with the portenta breakout.

#TFT screen demo to steam frame buffer to a external SPI screen

import sensor, image, time
from machine import SPI
from OpenMV_TFT import TFT

sensor.skip_frames(time = 2000)

clock = time.clock()

spi = SPI(2, baudrate=54000000) #create an SPI bus

#create an instance of the screen driver
#you mustr pass a SPI bus and type of screen (ili9341 or st7735
#optional can pass cs pin and dc pin default is cs='P3' and dc='P9'
screen = TFT(spi, TFT.ili9341)

#set window on screen to write to (x_start, Y_start, width, height)
#the window needs to be inside the resolution of the screen and must match the exact size of fb

    img = sensor.snapshot()

    # some image processing code goes here...

    screen.write_to_screen(img) #send the fb to the screen

Pins on the Portenta are here:

They don’t have the P0/P1 names. It’s just raw whatever the processor pin names are.

See this datasheet for the pin mapping of what pins go to what peripherals:

SPI bus 2:

PB13 → SPI2 Clock
PB12 → SPI2 NSS (use this as a GPIO - the SPI bus IP does not configure it)

Note, you need to edit the library code to fix this.

sir I am using portenta breakout board, i have managed to power up the LCD. Still, the only error I am getting is senor control fail, the datasheet provides pins for porenta h7 but I want to connect my LCD with portenta breakout.

The breakout board doesn’t work with any of our camera sensors. Arduino didn’t design the camera connector on that correctly and it can never function.

i already connected portenta h7 and portenta vision shield with the portenta breakout board, now i just want to show the image on tft LCD that i connected with the portenta breakout board but i cant find pins to connect the LCD with portenta breakout.

Okay… um, I guess read their documentation on which pins from the process go to what?

okay, ill read the documentation.