Trouble to connect opnmv h7 and a mega via uart

i’ m trying to connect a openMv H7 with a mega 2560
my Computer with arduino IDE works with windows

I try to use “” on the openMv

and when i try to run, I have the message “ImportError : no module named ‘rpc’”
Is that mean the ‘rpc’ library is not installed on my Computer?
where can I check and how can install it?

sorry for my awfull english
and thanks

Are you running the script on your OpenMV Cam?

no i wasn’t.
then I just test to save the program on openmv, it works. I disconect from the Computer to be sure it don’t use the same serial. I connect to my mega on serial1, and nothing happen
is my wiring correct?


my wiring was wrong,
the good one is:
it work now, thanks

is it possible to connect the cam to the Computer via l’IDE to debug?
and can you help me to transmit no only cx and cy but the width of the biggest blob?

Yeah, you can use the USB at the same time as the serial port on P4/P5.