Traffic level detection at intersections

Hello everyone!!

I want to detect the level of traffic at the intersection. Specifically, the moving objects and their number. Then output UART. Similar to BackgroundSubtractorMOG in openCV library. I want to do this on my OpenMV Cam H7.

Please help me with suggestions to make my project, thanks!!!



Dear friend have a look at frame difference examples on openmv.

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Hey, your project sounds really nice. I would use a deep learning model for this project.

You can take a look at Edge Impulse and how to train a DL model. COCO Dataset would be suitable for your project as far as I may think of. Then, you can use your OpenMV Cam to detect the number of cars at the location where it captures.

I do not have further information about how to output in UART. However, you won’t have problems with this with a quick Google search in my opinion.

Have fun.