The robot does not detect the AprilTags

Last week I started a new project, for which I bought the OpenMV Cam H7 plus.

The project consists of a robot that carries the camera. With which it detects AprilTags.
The AprilTags are located on the floor.
The camera is located approximately 2,5 meters away from the flor and it’s facing the floor at a 45 degrees angle. What I intend to do with the camera is to detect the AprilTags and send this information to the robot.

After running a few tests I have found a problem; When the robot, which can move at a speed of 20km/h, goes at high speeds, the camera is unable to detect the AprilTags.
We think that the issue may be on the range of the lense so we have bought the ultra wide-angle lens, to get a bigger vision range because.

So to sum up the problem is that the camera can’t detect the AprilTags when it goes at a high speed
If you could help or recommend some other type of lenses it would be very much appreciated.


You’re not going to be able to detect tags going that fast. Way too much blur. There’s not really a fix for this except to have a very good field of view and to make the tag very large.