The pyfile on sdcard has beed destory cannot be read

Hello all,

Here is the problem i met.

the python program cannot be read throuth openmv ide,it shows like a mess code, it is not a python file. can it be soloved?

The FAT file system can be corrupted if you power off the system while performing writes. In particular if the File allocation table was being updated during a write.

There are ways to fix this with forensic FAT file system recovery tools. However, not via the IDE.

However, when I debug, the IDE pop-up window is showing IDE is busy, do I need to save the file before removing openmv board? Is it also because of the fact that when I use the DAC function for voice output, there will also be file corruption?

Uh, no, that shouldn’t cause an issue.

Do you write a file in your script in a loop?

Thanks for answering,

it shows like this,I need to overwrite it with a new file,how can i solve this problem If my program runs offline

Hi, if you script it corrupting the flash drive on the camera then your you were running will be corrupted too. What kind of script did you write?