Take snapshot at the same time using 2 different cameras

I have 2 open mv cam H7+ and I want to take snapshot at the same time using these two cameras useful for stereo vision. It would be a series of snapshot taken over 6 minutes and saved in SD card. I have made multiple attempts of my own, but I have been unsuccessful. Help will be appreciated.

thank you

Yeah… the product doesn’t really work for this. Also, you haven’t said what’s actually wrong.

Yes, you can try to do what you are doing. But, it doesn’t seem like a good use of time.

hi, I have the exact same code in two cameras. Where I have connected to the NTP using the WiFi shield, then take snapshot every multiple of 5 second. In that way the cameras should take snapshot precisely the same time since the time is synchronized. However, the code sometimes works for few seconds, sometimes for few minutes and sometimes throws in some error. Here is the code. I am storing the pics in a SD card