Synchronous snapshot


I have 2 open mv cam H7+. I am looking for advice on how I can take snapshot at the same time from these two cameras at the same time which are placed few cm apart.

I personally used a usb hub so that I can power them at the same time. The cams would be connected to the hub and then the hub is powered. In that way the RTC clock starts at the same time as well. The snapshots are stored in SD card. While the snapshots at first were synchronized, after a while there develops a difference in the time taken to take the snapshots despite the fact that the same code is programmed on identical SD cards.

Is there any other way to do it?

Just add a wire that attaches one to another via a GPIO pin. Then when you take a snapshot on one take a snapshot on the other.

Note that there’s a frame buffer. Set the buffer numbers to 1 so you don’t have stale frames.

Hi, I am new to computer vision. Can you direct me to some examples from the IDE itself from which I can achieve this?

There are none in the IDE. Please read the API. Syncing cameras is not related to computer vision. If you understand I/O pin control then this is straight forward.

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