SqueezeNet implemantation

please did anyone tried to deployed a SqueezeNet model in openmv cam h7 plus ?
because each time i try with the SqueezeNet the camera stop working ?

Hi, please use FOMO from Edge Impulse. That network is too big for an MCU.

thank you for you reply,
so i understand from your answer i can not delpoy SqueezeNet on
the cam because im working on project and the goal of the project to compare between SqueezeNet and mobileNet on the openmv cam h7 plus

Well, try installing the latest firmware from GitHub on the development release. I enabled more TensorFlow ops there.

If that doesn’t work to run the network then you’ll have to determine which ops are missing and remove them from the network or add them to the firmware (this is extremely difficult unless you know what you are doing).

thank you for your reply but can you tell how i can add new ops for the firmware

Hi, what ops do you need that we don’t have: tensorflow-lib/libtf.cc at master · openmv/tensorflow-lib · GitHub

To be clear, trying to run any old CNN on a microcontroller is not correct to do. We recommend using EdgeImpulse.

hi the ops i need are concatenate for SqueezeNet
and Rescale for MobileNet v3
thank you so much for your reply yes i know is better to use edgeImpulse but the goal of my thesis to compare between many types of models and deploy it in openmv cam h7 plus (MobileNetv2 and v1 they are working with me )
thank you again

Okay, um, is there a commented out op in the list here that you want uncommented: tensorflow-lib/libtf.cc at master · openmv/tensorflow-lib · GitHub

That is all I will change.

no just if you can uncomented concatenate for SqueezeNet
and i dont know if you can add Rescale for MobileNet v3
thank you so much

firmware.zip (1.1 MB)

This is a firmware for the H7 Plus with every single op I could enable enabled. If something doesn’t run then it won’t and there’s no fix.