How to run Tensorflow Lite models on OpenMV cam (H7 plus)

hey there
I trained a custom object detection model and converted it into TF lite model.
and i don’t how to use it to detect objects with my OpenMV cam H7 plus.
help me out please.

Please use EdgeImpulse to generate TensorFlow models.

Thank you for replying,
Can OpenMV cam H7 plus run object detection models …?

They are working on it now last I heard. They are very close to releasing this for the h7 plus models. Many of us are quite excited for this new development! My self included. I heave heard maybe sometime in July. Perhaps it will be sooner?


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I have to get documentation done, release the new IDE, and then I can start in this. Because of the pure thermal launch and the chip shortage my time is also being spent on manufacturing issues… so, things are going slowly.