Source code of functions

Hi, guys. I am recently doing the project using openmv. and currently i want to get deeper understanding of the alogrithm behind all the api functions like find_circles, mean_filters all these functions. I looked up the openmvb github but i was kind of lost there. so I am wondering how do i find these source code python file ? really appreciate if someone can help me this.

Um, it’s under:


Find circles is under Hough.c

Hi, thank you for ur reply. I found the hough.c file. one question it comes to me is that are these functions all written in c? I thought they are supposed to be python code since we import them in python syntax. if so , how these functions are transfomed into python code? is there any way that i could find the python way ? sorry, I dont know much about c or c++.

Hi, all methods are written in C. Python just provides the high level user interface. Um, what allows the code to be called in python isn’t particularly interesting. It’s just business logic.