(small) Lane following

I’m interested in navigating between 15cm rows of crops. The plants are green, in between is brown earth.

Is there any starter code anywhere? I’m aware of the line following stuff, could that be adapted? Or would it be starting from scratch?

I’d have some capacitative sensors too to call a halt if we actually touch the plants.

Just spotted this lane following: Line Following - Blob Spotting/Decoding robot - #31 by kwagyeman @zlite is that still the state of the art? Or has anyone worked on it since then?

Similar things
github. com/pengxbin/Crop-Rows-Images-Using-OpenCV
github. com/HenriqueToledo/Semantic-segmentation-applied-to-crop-rows


Had to break some links, as newbie

Hi, what you want to do is generally challenging and is a rather large project…

The OpenMV Cam isn’t going to do particularly well on this unless you know what you are doing. You’re asking about making a multi-line segmentor that’s rather high up off the ground.

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I may have described it poorly. This is a tiny skid steer robot, 15cm x 20cm or so. Basically 4 × 18650 with small bldc a esp32 and a openmv. It has rows of plants either side of it. It needs to stay in the brown bit in between. It doesn’t have to move fast. If it goes wrong and touches a plant the capacitive sensor stops it.

Yes, this type of problem is hard for the camera since it’s going to be plants on either side. I’d just a linear 1d point distance sensor. Then angle these out of either side of the robot.

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