Saving the image in raspberry pi

Hello all,
I just want to save the image which was taken at the openMV CAM to the raspberry pi… What is the procedure to change the file saving directory to the Raspberry pi ???

Hi, you’ve asked this question multiple times and you have to write a program to receive the image from the camera to save to the Pi. Unless you need to do this automatically you can use OpenMV IDE to manually save images.

If you need to do it automatically, then first, do you know how to write a program on the Pi to receive data over the serial port? If you can do this part then I can give you the code for the OpenMV Cam that sends the image over the serial port to the Pi.

Hi sir,
I’m just receiving the output values from OpenMV CAM … Then how can I send these values as a readable format for the raspberry pi… All I need is that, according to the values of the x,y and z I want to move the tool for pick something…

Hi, when you add print() to your program this sends data through the serial port to whatever PC the camera is connected to.

So, go to Tools → Save Script to OpenMV Cam. Then Tools → Reset OpenMV Cam. Whatever script with print statements you save on the camera will now send data out onto the serial port to any program that opens the OpenMV Cam VCP port.

You can write a python script like above, then change the serial port to the one the OpenMV Cam is on. The camera will then output print() data to that program on the PI.

I’ve tried the method as you suggested. Sending the data to the pi via USB port. But it’s still not working for me. Here is my code for getting the readings. I think I’m just getting the description string of the image, but not the image information itself? If the returned data is actually the image data. How can I access it? Can you give me a few suggestion, please?
Thank you!

There’s an example script there that literally shows the images from the camera.