Saved GIF or Video looks psychedelic and not like preview

Got my H7 Plus in the mail and and am enjoying tinkering with it. I’ve tried the example script and the example script and the output looks weird. It doesn’t look like the preview in the IDE while the script is running which looks like normal video. Anybody know what I’m messing up? It has these weird colors as shown in the attachment.

GIF Recording is done in an uncompressed way with only 7-bit RGB color. This is… 2-bits for red, 3-bits for green, and 2-bits for blue. This feature is really old and was made for the M4 original camera over 4 years ago.

I can look into updating the GIF code to do a better job. It really hasn’t seen any love in a while.

It’s happening in the with the /stream.bin and mjpeg files when I try to use those other video recording example scripts. All have what appears to look like a trippy filter applied to the video.

I don’t need GIFs saved. I just need to be able to save video in a quality format, hopefully as good as what shows up in the IDE preview window.

This shouldn’t happen with MJPEG or image writer files. I’ll check your other post.