RTSP streaming video cannot open

I’ve using the RTSP example for Nicla Vision and save the videos by FFMPEG in the format of mp4 and mkv. However, I have some trouble to open the video. I cannot open it using windows default player and VLC cannot open the mkv file. These videos can be opened successfully using OpenMV IDE. I might use these videos in the future but I am afraid that they may not be compatible with the platform. How can I make the OpenMV video mp4 compatible with most players.

Hi, that’s whatever ffmpeg generates. The tool supports a million different file formats. So, just choose a different one that other video players support. Maybe AVI? Typically I just do mp4.

Thanks for replying. How do you generate the mp4 file (also using ffmpeg)? I’ve tried several formats for windows default player and it didn’t work.

I just put .mp4 after the file name. It pretty much outputs whatever file format you ask for.

thanks a lot

By the way, is there a way to directly download the video using USB cable? I mean just connect Nicla Vision to computer and donot use RTSP.

Yes, there are two options.

We have a USB camera firmware option that you can load which turns the camera into a regular webcam. This firmware is not distributed with the IDE though. But, you can build it from our GitHub.

Alternatively, you can use the regular firmware and our openmv debug script in our GitHub to pull images from the camera like the IDE does.

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I see. Could you share the link of the debug script? I cannot find it