RPC on Windows 10


Thanks very much for the new RPC library it is what I have been waiting for.

Quick question (hopefully). What version of python are you running on Windows 10? I ask as I have today downloaded 3.8.2 and that has installed 3.7.5.

This version has difficulties with the negative numbers in the rpc.py, see the screen shot.

I assume you are running something else. I also think pygame is a dependency that should be mentioned in the documentation, but maybe that’s obvious to experienced users.

Pygame is a dependency for the example scripts. Not the library. I developed it using Python 2.7.

Using negative slices is typically valid python.

I’ll go through the script and fix any python 3 errors for it and update it along with mentioning you need to install pygame.

Thanks very much indeed for the information. I will download 2.7 and give that a go.

Hi, as expected 2.7 works brilliantly. Thank you again. The library is excellent. I hope to try the two camera version tomorrow.

Thanks, I worked really hard to it to make it not suck. :slight_smile:

Fixed Fix Python2/3 Errors by kwagyeman · Pull Request #795 · openmv/openmv · GitHub