Reduced Resolution WVGA modes for the MT9V034


I’d like to use the full width of the Global Shutter (MT9V034) sensor at reduced resolution for AprilTag detection but can’t see a QWVGA or QWVGA2 mode.

Is it possible to do this ?

If I need to write to the camera registers can you give me any tips / pointers ?


Um, you’ve have to edit the firmware to do this. It’s pretty easy to. Once you have the build system setup just add a new resolution mode and a QSTRING for it and you’re done:

The driver can deal with any resolution you wan to use (make sure the resolution is divisible by 2/4 however otherwise you’ll get weird AHB transfer size minimum issues related to DMA on the H7).

See the github wiki for how to build the firmware.

Thanks - that all looks pretty straightforward.