Recommendation for Local Training Script

I have been trying to train my own tflite model. While I was searching in this forum, I’ve found out that you always suggest Edge Impulse to train models. However, I don’t want to use Edge Impulse because of the reason that I want to learn fundamentals of training a DL model. I found this when I was lost searching in somewhere extremely deep :smiley:

Unfortunately, in every input and every value of epoch, the accuracy of the model is always greater than 0.99 and I realized that there are things which go wrong.
If there are any further training scripts that you may suggest, it would be extremely helpful for me.
Thanks a lot, sincerely.

Hi, we offloaded model training to edge impulse. It’s just super not user friendly right now with ML on MCUs using the fundamentals.

Edge Impulse allows you to write the Keras code directly if you don’t like their prebaked stuff. Please use that.