Extracting Edge Impulse FOMO training script to local Computer

I’ ve been working on FOMO model for a few weeks. So, I tried a few times to run the FOMO training script on my local computer, all the attempts are failed because of the Edge Impulse s unique training libraries. I had tried to get those libraries but I couldnt. So, anyone have an idea for me? (please do not advice me to use Edge Impulse)

We literally offloaded all our custom ML support to edge impulse. Ask on their forums if you want help with that.

Also… you literally are taking the work that they put in to make things easy and are actively making your life harder. Why?

We stopped bothering supporting ML besides for Edge Impulse because it was a torrent of exactly questions you are asking were things don’t work.

I want to do it locally because Edge Impulse doesn’t make easier my training. They just blocking my optimal way to training. I even tried buy the enterprise version but they just dont care