Reading GPS data in via Mavlink

I’ve studied the two Mavlink examples which send control data to the drone via Mavlink protocol. But I’d like to read GPS information from the drone into my OpenMV python script. I’ve found the layout of the GPS message I think I should use c_library_v1/mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int.h at master · mavlink/c_library_v1 · GitHub but how to bring all that in via UART, find the message number, unpack it into usable fields all rather escapes me. I expect I’ll have to set parameters in the Pixhawk flight controller to get it to send the right message(s). Anybody have an example of Python code that pulls data via Mavlink?

Maybe this: UART receive MAVLink messages micropython - MicroPython Forum

Hi Kwabena,

Well, I’ve pondered the example referenced and feel like rather a dummy. Python is all a bit obscure to me, but I do see where he’s reading a byte at a time, looking for what for him is a start sequence, building up a packet until some rather obscure code that deals with a checksum to end the packet. I guess I was hoping for something a bit more Mavlink specific, including an example of unpacking the data into fields.

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