Questions about UART

I have some questions about UART1, UART2.
I’m in charge of private project needs 3 UARTs and LCD with openmv cam H7.
UART3 works well. but I’m in trouble for using UART1 and UART2 as below.

  1. UART1
    According to the quick reference for the openmvcam in micropython page,
    UART1 is assigned to PB14(TX), PB15(RX). These 2 pins can be connected to the SPI2 MOSI and MISO for LCD and OLED.
    It looks like the SPI3 is reserved for the various camera sensor. so I can’t use SPI3 for any other function. and UART1 is irremappable.
    I want to use UART1 and SPI2 for driving TFT-LCD both functions. But there’s no way.
    What can I do for using both functions?
  2. UART2
    According to the published schematic, UART2 is assigned to PD5(TX) and PD6(RX). but it looks like UART2 is unimplemented. Any plans to implement UART2?


I’ve just found “class PinAF”.
Sorry for the stupid question.
Thanks anyway.

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