Question about start and stop timer work and interrupt

  1. is there any function which can start or stop the work of timer.
    for example
    timer1.start()#which enable the timer running.
    timer1.stop()#which disable the timer running.
  2. is there any function could tell the extern interrupt is rising or falling ISR with the below code?
    ext = ExtInt(Pin(‘A0’), ExtInt.IRQ_RISING_FALLING, Pin.PULL_NONE, callback)

class Timer – control hardware timers — MicroPython 1.22 documentation (

You can create virtual timers which can be disabled. Use -1 to make virtual ones.

As for the pin level, you can read the level in the code in the interrupt. In the C code I know this data is captured in a flags variable. But, it looks like the API is missing it externally in Python.

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roge that .thank you!