Project advice

Hi all,

I want to make a project using a camera to detect if a pedestrian(s) stops walking in a specific area of the captured image. No image have to be sent/saved but instead it would trigger a pin.
My question is is that’s possible and the openMV cam+base that I should buy. If possible I would prefer not wait for the H7+ if I could achieve doing it with the normal H7.
I have no experience with these cams but is this possible doing it?

Thanks for your answers!

We have the ability to do frame differencing… But, I assume you want to use the camera outside right? If so, you probably want a much higher powered system than can run YOLO or etc.


Thanks for your answer.
The idea is to use the camera to open a small shop glass door instead of using the typical presence sensors that open the door with people passing by with no intention of getting in.
The camera would be inside the shop filming through the glass.
Do you think it would work?

Ah, well, we have a person detection CNN onboard but… It would just trigger like the motion detector except only on people. If you want to track a persons movement that is harder.

I don’t think we have what you need. You could use our system to hack together something that kinda of works however.