Pedestrian Counter

I have an OpenMV Cam H7. I have been playing with the examples and have been quite impressed with the progress you all have made since I bought the camera over a year ago.

I am exploring options to build a simple pedestrian counter for a local municipal pool. The idea is to place a camera in the one hall that people use when to entering / exiting the pool. We would like to see if we can count two things: 1) Pool utilization by day / daypart and 2) Estimate the number of people at the pool at any one time. We also do not want to collect any personally identifiable information so, I would like to send just the counts to a separate microcontroller which will store and report the data via a cellular modem (this part I have a high confidence in).

The question is this: Can the OpenMV Cam H7 do the following (indoors, good lighting, fixed placement)

  • watch the hallway with high enough frame rate to capture pedestrians
  • identify people walking alone and in groups
  • count people moving across an imaginary line across the hall - count up for folks walking in and down for folks walking out.
  • Once trained, run this model locally with no external computing resources required.

My other candidate for this is a Raspberry PI and OpenCV but I like the simplicity and embedded form factor of the OpenMV Cam.

Thank you and - again - great work on this product!


We don’t have this right now. However, we just got an event camera working with the OpenMV Cam that can do what you want without an CNN. Please follow us for more updates.

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@kwagyeman ,

Sounds great. Couple questions if I might…

  1. Can you give me a rough idea when this new capability might be available? I have some flexibility on delivery but need to set expectations.
  2. Will I need the OpenMV H7+ or other hardware for this?

Thank you again.


No idea, we’re working with another company on this. The hardware works… so, maybe in a couple of months.

As for hardware, the H7 regular will be fine.

@kwagyeman ,

Thank you and good luck on the development effort.