Product Appreciation - OpenMV Cam H7

Just sharing some thoughts and a quick review here.

I’ve been using the OpenMV Cam for a few months now and believe it is truly a game-changer.

I’ve worked with hobby electronics for over a decade - starting first with the Arduino Uno and then dabbling with the Raspberry Pi. I’ve also built some desktop-based Python programs for conducting image classification and machine learning. There have always been vision-based microcontroller projects I’d think up but never thought they were feasible - either due to software or hardware limitations.

The OpenMV has changed that for me: Python is so much easier than Arduino language… The built-in battery jack solves otherwise complicated power solutions… The integration with Edge Impluse makes model integration a breeze… And the IDE makes image capture and debugging simple.

I was able to gather images, train a model in IE, and get start classifying live images on the OpenMV cam within a couple of hours of getting my hands on the Cam. Truly unbelievable how this product has made this end-to-end process so simple. I’ve also been able to use it for a tire classification project that otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to accomplish.

Thanks to the OpenMV team for creating this project, it is enabling makers like myself to make the vision-based projects we’ve imagined come to reality.