PCB Design Files

Hello! I received my Pure Thermal and its very cool. Thank you! I have the schematic from the groupgets page. I see on the OpenMV github there are design files for other boards. Will the design files for the Pure Thermal be released as well?

Nope. GroupGets doesn’t have a policy of doing that for any of their products. Nor should they as it was an expensive engineering effort to design the system. The schematic provides enough information for anyone to leverage what was done to make their own design based on the STM32H7.

Thanks! No worries, the reason I asked is I accidentally knocked a component off the board while removing the battery I had plugged in. Nothing like bricking something you owned for 3 days after waiting months for. Having the design files makes figuring what component I just scraped off much easier and faster.

After following traces and referencing the schematic I was able to determine I knocked off one of the tiny PMZ390UN SOT883 MOSFETs. Thankfully nothing else was damaged and the board powered up fine when manually connecting source to drain. A little dead bug soldering with a new MOSFET and I should be back in business soon.