Passive 360 degrees scanning with an old bloggie lens

How about a 360 degree scanner?

Just needs code from here.

Just needs a change in one line:

Also helps if you turn off both serial and wifi off when running in IDE, otherwise expect 1 frame update every 6 seconds.

And a little fiddling of the lens seating to centre the image (more or less) on the centre of the sensor, as linpolar does not allow input (x,y) coords of a polar “centre” point where polar centre is not on sensor centre - so some warping expected.

Borrowed code occasionally raises an index out of range (on lines, with or without linpolar addition):

index0Pixels = all_indices(0, ObsArray3)
    if index0Pixels[0] > 0 and ObsArray3[0] == 0:
        index0Pixels.insert(0, 0)
    #print("Index of Zero Pixels: ", index0Pixels)