Parsing barcode data

I am currently working on a project where I am detecting code 39 barcodes and I am trying to figure out how I can parse the data on the barcode and put it in a text file. are there any micropython libraries used to parse text similar to python’s “panda data analyzing library”?
Can anyone help with this?
Thank you

What do you need to do exactly?

I’m collecting ID numbers and sending them to the director of my department. My plan was to write each bar-code number to a file from the IDE. Once the file is written, I plan on setting a crontab to email the newly created file to the department head.

Oh, okay, I see what you need to do… Um, you can’t use the IDE for this. You need to remotely control the camera over serial using a custom program and then tell the camera to do something (e.g. run the bar code detection script) and get the serial output of the camera and pipe that to the PC. This isn’t hard, but, can be tricky if you don’t understand serial ports.

… There are some good ROS driver packages that show off how to use a UART on the PC for command and control. Would pointing you to these scripts be helpful for you to copy how things are done?

Yes sir, this would be very helpful thank you!

See this, follow how they do things to make your own interface.

Thanks for the link, i’m currently trying to use ROS on the raspberry pi. Once everything is installed Ill check back with you if I cant accomplish sending the barcode ID strings to the pi. My main goal for now is to take the output of the scanned barcode and send it to a text file.

Just a note, I’m not saying you use ROS. I’m just saying to look at their code for how to make a serial com between the OpenMV Cam and the Linux system.

Ive been messing with ROS for a couple days now and I’m failing to see how I can send the serial data to a text file…Sorry but I may need a bit more of a lead

You open a file in python and write what the camera sends to the file. You don’t need to use the whole Ros system. Again, I was pointing you to those scripts because they show off how to write a python app on the camera that can be controlled and then a python app on a host computer that controls the camera. You should extend their scripts and edit them as necessary to do what you want. For example, you should probably remove all the code that has to do with ROS.