Pan and Tilt tracker

Hi Im a mechatronics student in my final year. We have a project that tracks colour and outputs it to a pan and tilt device with the following specs
Model Code PIH-301
AC/ DC Type AC
Mount Type Top Mount
Max Load kg 38
Indoor/Outdoor External
Autopan Yes
Pan Speed o/ second 6
Tilt Speed o/ second 4
Swivel Angle o 350P, +30~ -40T
Pan Angle o 350
Housing Material Aluminium
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 24 VAC
Physical Specifications Weight kg: 7.5
Dimensions mm: 196 x 277
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: -20~+60
Protection: Weather Resistant
Model Info Can be integrated with Li-lin domes or matrix system by using the PIH-820 telemetry receiver, or the PIH-301C for hardwire control.

I was wondering if theres a way i can pulse a single to a relay at 5V and cause it to trigger a 24VAC pan and tilt device? IM using micropython to program the openmv cam. Reason for my asking is because i need to track colour in the open mv and send the according x and y coordinates somehow… any help would be appreciated.

Sleep Engineering Student

Here’s the relay driver circuit:

Please use the other thread you started.