Face Tracking pan tilt

I just purchased the OpenMV H7, I would like to mount the OpenMV to a pan tilt and track faces similar to “A face-tracking fan” Make A face-tracking fan with uArm Swift & OpenMV Cam M7! - YouTube. These are for interactive kinetic sculptures. I’ve searched the project forums but I have not found anything similar. I am a novice at any type of code. Thanks

Hi, this is a normal request and I will write example code for it. I’ve bought this pan and tilt system and I’ll publish some scripts for controlling such a system. Please give me until the device arrives:

Pan and Tilt Shield | OpenMV or Servo Shield | OpenMV

For power I have a 5V power supply on my desk. You need to provide 5V to the system.

I’ll do a pan and tilt for a face, color blobs, IR LEDs, and apriltags.

Excellent, My apologies if this is already somewhere in the forum posts. Is it possible to use the PWM pins on the OpenMV board to drive the servos directly? Thanks Joe

Yes, P7, P8, P9.

I’m also very interested in this, specifically for tracking faces. If I get a sample I’ll post it here.


Following! Your code will be better than mine I am sure :smiley:

Anyone make any notable progress on this? I got a mock up sort of made but I need some PID tuning… Fun project so far!

I used this with some tape for mounting: