Paid project number recognition

Hi all,

I’ve posted a paid job on upwork for multi-digit number recognition, it’s only a small job if anyone is interested let me know and i’ll send the details.

Thank you.

Hello, currently i am searching about how to recognize numers of lottery balls using artificial vision, the application need to detect the number of a lottery ball and send the information to a plc or scada.

My concern is about detec the correct number even if the ball is showing the half part of the number because the ball position wont be organized to our preference, and it is because the lotery machine mix all the balls and then aspire one ball and it goes up with any position.

I apreciate your opinion and advices for this aplication with numbers.
¿could the camera be configured to detect partial number?

thank you.

It really depends on the algorithm used. You’d need to train a CNN. We have TensorFLow working with unit8_t models. We’re working on getting in8_t models working. Using TensorFlow you can do what you need.